About us?

About us?

Gonzalez Lawyers Group S.A.S

We are a legal advisory firm, with a business vision, made up of an interdisciplinary group of expert professionals in the areas of commercial, tax, labor and administrative law, ready to provide comprehensive advice to our clients and with high quality standards


GONZALEZ LAWYERS GROUPS SAS, is a law firm that provides legal services and legal assistance in the areas of commercial, labor and tax law to MSMEs and individuals both in the national and international fields, with a multidisciplinary team, highly trained , responsible and ethical.


In the year 2030, GONZALEZ LAWYERS GROUP SAS, will be the leading firm in advisory and legal assistance in the areas of commercial, labor and tax law for MSMEs in the Caribbean region and will take possession through strategic agreements as one of the best in the national market, meeting the objectives of clients, associates, collaborators, suppliers, regulatory authorities and society in general.



Our professional behavior is governed by an attitude of independence, impartiality of judgment and objectivity, avoiding conflicts of interest or any circumstance that may affect our diligent judgment.


We are a work team committed to the services we provide, always looking for solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of customers, resources and knowledge.


We have the ability to reflectively and attentively analyze the type of action that we are going to propose, anticipating the reasonable risks that may arise during counseling.


We keep the information and documentation provided by the client in custody, handling it only for the purpose of consulting and in strict compliance with the applicable regulations, except for legal exceptions or that we are granted authorization to reveal it.


We comply with full diligence and opportunity with the behaviors acquired with clients, for this we have the knowledge and legal expertise that allow us to complete the entrusted activity with total effectiveness.


Our conduct is integral, upright, attached to the parameters of ethics, law and justice. Our commitment is to be faithful to the interests of the client, acting honestly with him, with the authorities, with the counterpart and their representatives, and other people who intervene in all management.


We have the human, technical, technological and financial resources to achieve the fulfillment of goals and obtain the best results within the proposed terms. To do this, we encourage each day to improve the skills, abilities and in general the personal results of each member of the firm.


Our actions are within the framework of the law and professional ethics, considering ourselves faithful defenders of truth and righteousness. We avoid situations that could compromise the prestige of the Firm and of our professions.


We care about creating pleasant work environments, where consideration and empathy for others prevail. We stand out for providing excellent customer service based on tolerance, courtesy and fairness.

Social Responsability

We facilitate access to the administration of justice and / or before administrative authorities of people and groups who are in a situation of vulnerability, creating spaces of attention to the public in order to provide legal advice while maintaining ethical and corporate values without any kind of consideration .

Our Team.

CrIstian Gonzalez Muñoz


Pedro Arrieta Melendez

Maria Mercedes Barrios

Academic Titles:
PG: Lawyer, Simón Bólivar University.

Specialist in Commercial Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia (2017).

Specialist in Tax Law, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe (2011).

Family businesses 2020
Academic training in Insolvency and Intervention 2018
Jurisprudence update 2008


More than 10 years of experience in advising private companies.

His career in the corporate area begins when he became a permanent advisor to several private companies located in the city of Barranquilla, who through their recommendations have been able to adopt a preventive and not corrective policy in their corporate and administrative acts.

He is an expert in planning business strategies that are beneficial to his clients from a labor and tax point of view.

He also served as a tax advisor as a contractor for the Coercive Collection area of the District Office of Liquidations of Barranquilla.

Likewise, from the position of Tax Advisor for the tax office attached to the Secretary of Finance of the Mayor's Office of Soledad, he was able to champion the highest tax collection process that said entity has been able to show.

He is currently linked to the company GONZALEZ LAWYERS GROUP SAS, in the position of General Manager.