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Academic Titles:
PG: Lawyer, Simón Bólivar University.

Specialist in Commercial Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia (2017).

Specialist in Tax Law, Universidad Autonoma del Caribe (2011).

Family businesses 2020
Academic training in Insolvency and Intervention 2018
Jurisprudence update 2008


More than 10 years of experience in advising private companies.

His career in the corporate area begins when he became a permanent advisor to several private companies located in the city of Barranquilla, who through their recommendations have been able to adopt a preventive and not corrective policy in their corporate and administrative acts.

He is an expert in planning business strategies that are beneficial to his clients from a labor and tax point of view.

He also served as a tax advisor as a contractor for the Coercive Collection area of the District Office of Liquidations of Barranquilla.

Likewise, from the position of Tax Advisor for the tax office attached to the Secretary of Finance of the Mayor's Office of Soledad, he was able to champion the highest tax collection process that said entity has been able to show.

He is currently linked to the company GONZALEZ LAWYERS GROUP SAS, in the position of General Manager.

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